A Letter of Invitation is a proof that your paper submission and registration application are accepted by the conference committee board. It will be stated in English and may help with your visa application. However, it does not guarantee you a visa.

Invitation letters will only be issued once your registration and payment have been completed. Invitation letters will be sent by e-mail.

In order to request an invitation letter, just e-mail us with the following data:

Registration Form
Payment Proof
Passport size photo
Passport Scan Copy

For those who require a visa, please note that the Organizing Committee has no control over the visa application process, or the decision of the visa adjudicator in the embassy or consulate. The conference cannot be responsible for actual visa issuance. The process length varies from individuals, you’re strongly advised to start your application as soon as you can.

Should your application be denied, we cannot change the decision of theEmbassy nor will we engage in discussion or correspondence the Embassy on behalf of the applicant.

The visa Invitation letter or Conference Invitation letter is only valid if you have received it from our official email id: else it will not be valid.

If you find any fraud letter from other persons/organizations or email id please inform us quickly to take legal action.

Thank you.